List of 11 stem cell good news or interesting stories

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Need a fix of some stem cell good news? I do.

It has been a bumpy 2016 so far for the stem cell field and many challenges have popped up.

So today at lunch and needing at least a short break from grant writing,  I went looking for stem cell good news including interesting studies, promising trials, and frankly things that just sound unusual or even weird.

I’ve listed these below.

Have a good weekend…you know what I’ll be doing: working on my grant.

If you know of other stem cell good news pass it along in the comments.

Researchers Develop 2D ‘Eye’ From Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Scientists find new stem cell target for regenerating aging muscles (by Karen Ring at the CIRM Blog)

San Diego gets new stem cell center

Stem cell modeling of autism.

Induced Microglia Make Debut at Keystone Symposium

Stem cell research aims to put an end to root canals (I went looking for actual data on this story has generated massive buzz, but couldn’t find any…so far. Unpublished but coming?)

Tattoo treatment could boost stem cell research

Sickle cell gene correction in hIPSC

Geneediting shows promise against herpes (couldn’t resist throwing in another gene editing one)

Endangered species may be saved from extinction using advanced cloning techniques

Good Stem Cell News at Fred Hutch (my former postdoctoral home)

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  1. It’s nice to read interesting stories. It can actually give you different moods and at the end of the day you will always learn something new to that story. Anyway, great idea for sharing this with us.

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