Weekly recommended reads including asymmetric division & chromatin

One of my favorite types of papers are those on stem cells and chromatin, and a new one in Current Biology caught my eye this week. My own lab website has the URL chromatin.com so that says something. You can also read more about our research here.

Asymmetric division
“Asymmetric nuclear division affects chromatin organization
(A) Representative time-lapse images of a neuroblast expressing the DNA marker His2A::RFP and the cortical marker Sqh::GFP.”

FDA sends more untitled letters; bigger action coming?

  • CBER targets four stem cell firms with untitled letters, RAPS. CBER is the branch of the FDA that deals with cell therapies including stem cells along with other products. I have to wonder why we are still seeing untitled letters and no more concrete action from the agency. Maybe these are just continuations of actions already underway from spring. Is some big action against dozens or even hundreds of non-compliant clinics coming before year’s end? I hope so. The FDA sure has raised expectations for some far beyond untitled letters or even a few warning letters.

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