January 25, 2021

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Scientists battle Trump agenda on multiple fronts

scientists against trumpThe first ten days of Donald Trump’s presidency have been just as extreme as many had feared including those of us in the scientific community, but the early reactions of scientists to fight Trump’s agenda have been encouraging.

We’ve collectively been sparked to “get out of the lab” and do something about it.

There are many things one can do as a scientist to oppose Trump’s extremism. I wrote a post on December 2 about how scientists can try to deal with the new Trump reality. That post rings true today almost 2 months later.

Perhaps inspired in part by the massively successful Women’s March on Washington the day after Trump’s inauguration (and the many satellite protests across America and the world) that dwarfed the inauguration turnout much to his chagrin, a movement of scientists was born to hold the Scientists’ March on Washington. You can read more here and show your interest in participating (in DC or locally) here on their Facebook book. I’m hoping to participate either in DC or locally here in Sacramento at the state capitol.

Scientists including many Nobel laureates have signed a petition (you can sign it here) in the thousands against Trump’s toxic immigration ban. I sent in an email to sign it last night. It is encouraging to see federal judges ruling against Trump on at least aspects of this executive order.

UC Berkeley geneticist Michael Eisen has taken things a big step further than most by announcing he is running for the US Senate. You can follow him in his campaign incarnation here on Twitter. It appears other scientists are going to run for office as well.

Overall, scientists are getting out of the box of the lab and becoming more politically active in many ways in response to Trump. I see us scientists, whose lives revolve around data and facts, as having a key role in the larger movement countering the “alternative facts” fake reality pushed by the Trump administration.

Let’s fight the good fight!

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