January 23, 2021

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Stem cells not lost in translation: SCOPE now has 32 languages

One of the special projects on this blog is something called the Stem Cell Outreach Program for Education (SCOPE).Not lost in translation

My goal with SCOPE has been to provide a basic page of facts about stem cells in as many languages as possible with the motto of “Stem cells not lost in translation!”

It has been a big hit and as the number of languages has grown, the number of page views of my white paper “What are stem cells?” in languages besides English has skyrocketed.

For example, as of July 2017 here are some page view stats on top foreign language pages for SCOPE:

  • Spanish 474,000
  • Arabic 137,000
  • Thai 130,000

Here are the languages available. Check it out.

A big thank you goes to our volunteer translators!

If you can help with an additional translation in another language not already listed please email me at: [email protected]

It’s a great thing to put on your CV for outreach and education, areas that many funding agencies including for fellowships are now looking for when evaluating applicants!