September 26, 2020

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A Helpful 2018 Stem Cell Journal List

Looking for a stem cell journal?

stem cell journals list
Top journals in terms of quantity of stem cell articles published according to Scopus.

If you need to publish your latest exciting stem cell manuscript or are wanting to read some stem cell and regenerative medicine articles, you need a stem cell and regenerative medicine journal list. In 2013, I published a list of this kind, but now that it’s 2018, I figured that we need a new, updated list. This also seems like a good first post of the year.

Since 2013 some journals have disappeared, while other new ones have popped up. For instance, npj Regenerative Medicine is a new one, but there are others too. According to Scopus, you can see the top 10 journals in terms of quantity of articles published with “Stem cells” in the title. This doesn’t take into account quality of articles or impact.

(If you are looking for a light-hearted read as well, I also did a satirical post on made up stem cell journals with humorous names.)

Here is a 2018 list of stem cell and regenerative medicine journals.

Note that I’m not endorsing these, but thought you’d find the list useful. If you see any you believe to be predatory on this list, please email me. What’s your favorite stem cell journal?

I have tried to include recent impact factor (IF) numbers where possible and other comments reflecting my perspectives on or experiences with journals. Keep in mind that broader journals like Science, Blood, PLOS ONE, Nature, Cell, and others publish many stem cell articles too.

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