The nonsensical list of stem cell journals

Stem Cell EnquirerThe list of stem cell journals seems to grow longer every day.

In fact, the list is so long and some of the names kind of funny that it inspires coming up with a slew of satirical and nonsensical stem cell journals.

I’m betting that some of these (the ones listed first) may be thought up independently by people to try to turn into real journals.

Some of these pseudo-journals have popped just  in 2021, which are shown in green.

The Nonsensical Stem Cell Journals List

  • Could be real someday?
  • PLoS Stem Cells
  • Stem Cell Sports Medicine
  • Stem Cells Digest
  • IPSC
  • Stem Cell Cosmetics (or Stem Cell Cosmetic Surgery)
  • De-Extinction
  • Steminess
  • Pluripotency
  • Potency
  • Stemomics
  • The Stem Cell
  • Super Silly
  • The Closed Journal of Stem Cells (by invitation only)
  • Stem Cell Fortune
  • Stem Cell Retractions (published weekly)
  • Stem Cell Practice of Medicine (no experiments or research here!)
  • Consumer Stem Cell Reports
  • Stem Cells Illustrated
  • Law and Order: SVF
  • Better Homes and Stem Cells
  • The Journal of Stem Cell Journals
  • The Journal of Stem Cell Duplicated Images
  • Stem Sells
  • Stem Cell High Impact Journal
  • Stem Cels (stem cells in animation)
  • Stem Cell Irreproducible Results
  • Costempolitan (focusing on hottest stem cell treatments of the famous)
  • Good Stem Cell Keeping (stem cell protocols that actually work)
  • Dancing with the Stem Cells
  • Stem Cell Shades of Grey (the sex lives of those ‘enhanced’ by stem cells)
  • Nature Stem Cells
  • Glamour Journal of Stem Cells
  • Cell Cell Cell
  • Stem Cell Data Already Published Elsewhere
  • The Beverly Hills Journal of Stem Cells
  • The Hot Journal of Stem Cells
  • Taste of Stem Cells (journal on stem cell-produced food recipes like burgers)
  • Stem Cells in the Hood
  • Sexy Stem Cells
  • Stem Cell Assays, Therapies, Reports, Studies, Reviews, and Essays
  • Self-Renewal (caution: the journal subscription always renews automatically)
  • Stem Cells Breaking Bad (the effects of drugs on stem cells)
  • American Journal of Stem Cells & Bioethics
  • Stem Cell Media & Medium (how to both grow stem cells and predict the future)
  • Cellular Deprogramming (from cultures to cults)
  • Stem Cell Irreproducible Protocols (reprints of published methods that won’t work)
  • iStem (only available on iPhone with proprietary Apple cable required)
  • Stem Cell Protocols and Recipes
  • Stem Cell Star
  • Stem Cells & Daughter Cells
  • Stem Cell Stem Cell
  • Stem Cellar (vintage collection of fine stem cell stories)
  • Stem Cells & Sons
  • Vatican Journal of Stem Cells
  • The Immortal Journal of Stem Cells
  • The New Immortal Journal of Stem Cells
  • Journal of Stem Cell Clinics
  • As the Stem Cell World Turns
  • People’s Journal of Stem Cells
  • Cloning Encounters of the Good Kind
  • Stem Cell Enquirer

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  1. I have been contacted recently by “Stem Cell and Translational Investigation”… it took me a few seconds to realize that it was not “Stem Cells Translational Medicine”. Poor choice of name for a brand new journal…

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