January 25, 2021

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3 min read

What are the Best Stem Cell Journals in 2021 and is there a stem cell journal list out there? I’ve covered this topic for many years. In this post I have updated the material from over the years and dug more deeply into the question. Looking for a stem cell journal? A regenerative medicine journal more focused on translation and clinical applications? Something more molecular or cellular? Developmental? Where to go for unbiased info? What about stem cell journal impact factors? Some folks are …Read More

2 min read

Looking for a stem cell journal? If you need to publish your latest exciting stem cell manuscript or are wanting to read some stem cell and regenerative medicine articles, you need a stem cell and regenerative medicine journal list. In 2013, I published a list of this kind, but now that it’s 2018, I figured that we need a new, updated list. This also seems like a good first post of the year. Since 2013 some journals have disappeared, while other new ones have …Read More

1 min read

Here are some papers and news for weekend reads. What are you reading this weekend? What are your go-to stem cell journals? Hostile Takeover: Glioma Stem Cells Recruit TAMs to Support Tumor Progression by Yu Shi, Yi-fang Ping, Xia Zhang, Xiu-wu Bian in Cell Stem Cell. YAP1 Regulates OCT4 Activity and SOX2 Expression to Facilitate self-renewal and Vascular Mimicry of Stem-like Cells by Namrata Bora-Singhal, Jonathan Nguyen, Courtney Schaal, Deepak Perumal, Sandeep Singh, Domenico Coppola, Srikumar Chellappan in Stem Cells Jacob Hannah’s team posts on bioRxiv in support …Read More

2 min read

Recently I posted a piece on a list of stem cell journals that is growing longer by the day. Below for fun I’ve made up some new names of stem cell journals possibly of the future. I’ve also in some cases included commentary. I have a feeling that some of these may become real in coming years and have indicated those first…. so some may not be so phony in the future. I listed some other possible stem cell journal titles just for fun. Any other …Read More

2 min read

I did a poll (below) on the best stem cell journals overall and the results of our readers were overwhelming. They loved this poll. Also as an update in 2020, you might find this more recent post on the “best” stem cell journals to be of interest. What is the best stem cell journal? What are the top 10? Cell Stem Cell was named “Best Stem Cell Journal” by a more two-to-one margin over its nearest competitor Nature. A surprise for me is that …Read More