Weekly reads: stem cell videos, cystic fibrosis, papers

As part of our weekly reads I’m including one of my latest videos in our Stem Cell Channel on YouTube below.

This particular video fact-checks stem cell face creams, but I’ve got quite a few more including on stem cell supplements, different kinds of stem cells and more. You might guess my view of such creams, but if you want to learn more you can either watch the video or check out my original post on stem cell face creams. If you like our videos please subscribe to the channel.

Overall, if you search on Google or YouTube for stem cell videos you can find a huge number.

stem cell videos
A sampling of stem cell videos from a Google search.

I’ve got a screen shot of the first ones that show up with an Internet search. There are many videos out there from stem cell clinics and firms that promote them, unfortunately.

Scroll down in this post for recommended science papers and news.

Stem Cell Videos and webinars

Also check out this handy resource page of ISSCR on-demand programming on stem cells. These are stem cell research talks.

The videos of talks are free to ISSCR members. If you’re not a member, you’ll have to decide if the cost is worth it for  particular video or maybe considering joining.

Recommended stem cell pubs

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