Enter The Niche stem cell videos contest with $100 prize

Who doesn’t like stem cell videos?

Some of you already know that we have a stem cell YouTube channel with me, Paul Knoepfler, talking about many important topics on stem cells.

The point of the channel is science-based educational outreach to people all over the world.

With this in mind, I’ve been thinking it’d be great to have video content from other people. Especially people of diverse backgrounds, ages, etc.

stem cell videos, YouTube Channel
A screenshot of The Niche Stem Cell Channel on YouTube. Check out our many stem cell videos.

Stem cell videos contest

Our past stem cell contest winner in 2014 was done using claymation. It’s hilarious. See it near the top of the post.

So here’s the deal now in 2021. I’m running a video contest. If you win, you get $100 and your video goes up in a place of honor on our YouTube channel. I’m also going to blog about the winner and their video.

How do you enter?

Make a stem cell-related video (or if you already have one that’s fine too) and give me a way to watch it, such as emailing me a link.

This will be your entry in the contest. (See some of our past Stem Cell contests here on The Niche.)

Who can enter?

Almost anyone. You don’t even have to be a stem cell scientist.

I encourage students to enter. Unfortunately, employees of my institution, UC Davis, are not eligible. But that’s about the only restriction.

Get creative!

It can be you talking about something you care about passionately like your own research or a recent exciting development in the field. Or it could be animated. It could be claymation.

You can go wild with including text or other content in the video. I’ve even seen music video like content about stem cells.

The length is up to you, but I’m going to suggest they be around 30 minutes or less. Longer entries will be considered.

Of course, we have some rules

The video must be about stem cells or regenerative medicine or something closely related to them. These days, CRISPR gene editing counts as Regenerative Medicine. There cannot be promotion of a stem cell clinic-related firm in the video.

You can submit a total of two video entries per person. Collaborative videos would be interesting, but that’s not required.

It must be your own content and you have to be comfortable with me posting it on The Niche YouTube channel. It’s got to be a general safe for work kind of video.

The video must not already be on YouTube or if it is, if you are the winner, you have to delete its presence elsewhere on YouTube. We’re just looking for original content.

Have fun!

The deadline for entries is July 31, 2021 at midnight, USA Pacific time. 

My email is knoepflerATucdavisDOTedu.

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