Weekly reads: Melton leaves Harvard, Fuji, BBC blunder, stem cell niche, more

Sometimes a post here on The Niche (named after the stem cell niche) sparks a debate between expert stem cell researchers and often that gives much more depth to a topic. Such was the case with my post this week on where things stand with stem cell therapy for heart disease.

brain stem cell niche
Senolytics restore the stem cell niche in the brains of mice. Fatt, et al. Stem Cell Reports 2022.

It led to a Twitter discussion between heart stem cell researchers Hina Chaudhry and Benoit Bruneau. I’ve pasted the initial Tweet below so scroll through that Twitter conversation and look at the subthreads too. Hina’s lab is working on development of cellular cardiac therapies. Benoit is clearly more of a skeptic about the potential prospects of cells for heart disease but especially stem cells.

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