January 20, 2021

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Asilomar is known in the field of biomedical sciences as a great place to go for small meetings. I was there recently for the First Annual Bay Area Stem Cell Conference, which I helped to organize. It was an exciting meeting and all the presenters (except keynoters) were trainees. The amount of great stem cell science being done by these and other young researchers is amazing. They are the future of science and medicine. From the data presented at the meeting, one could also …Read More

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I recently flew up to Seattle from Sacramento to visit the UW Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine (ISCRM). It was a great trip just on the science front and seeing some old friends from the UW and the Hutch, as well as making some new ones (yeah, corny, but true). I not only love stem cell research but also nature and I’ve got a weakness for aerial photography of landscapes and especially mountains. This post includes some photos I took from the …Read More

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If you garden long enough you may start to see some cool critters. We had an unusually wet winter and very hot, dry summer here in Davis, CA. Maybe it’s coincidence, but the range of creatures in my garden seems different. For instance, I’ve been seeing much bigger dragon flies this year and a lot more lizards. A few days ago I saw a very unusual lizard (see above). What a tail! What gene expression makes that unusual tail? The reddish color of the …Read More

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In traveling to and from New York back in June, we had to stop in Phoenix and then there was a 3+ hour delay on our flight. It turned out that tons of teenagers who were part of some traveling group were on the same flight so they all camped out in the airport during the delay. I was struck by how they gravitated to the electrical outlets, sometimes stretching out on the floor next to them. One student even plugged in a multi …Read More