TGIF: wacky picture caption contest

OK, it’s been a long week of science so time for some fun: a caption contest.

I took the below wacky picture at a place here in California because I was struck by how odd this situation looks.

I think it deserves some clever caption. What is the best or funniest possible caption?

Clocks with no arms

23 thoughts on “TGIF: wacky picture caption contest”

  1. Big Clock: Looks like you had a great summer! Where’d you get your beautiful, new hands?

    Little Clock: My sea star buddies at science camp thought I’d be an interesting subject for our project.

    Big Clock: Do you think they’d work their magic on me, too?

    Little Clock: Hmmm, probably after our groundbreaking paper is published. I do have a few minutes before class to give you a hand with the 3D printer down the hall.

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