September 30, 2020

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What the devil is a vampire facial? I first heard about the vampire facial, sometimes also called a “vampire facelift” when professional celebrity Kim Kardashian reportedly got one. I weighed in on that five years ago here. There was some question in how this procedure was portrayed as to whether it involved stem cells, which seems unlikely at this point. Kim apparently did this to try to keep a young look, but I figured it had to be risky. Now since her marriage known …Read More

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The cost of stem cell treatments is a big deal for many reasons including the burden it puts on patients, who often then turn to friends, family and even the Internet to try to obtain the money needed to pay the for-profit clinic. A reasonable question to ask is how the cost of a stem cell treatment compares to the costs of more standard of care options. Most often clinic stem cell offerings are more expensive, but not always. However, “value” is another consideration …Read More

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The world is constantly bombarded these days with often-hyped stories of the latest celebrities who got unproven stem cells, including most recently Jack Nicklaus and now Tarek El Moussa of Flip or Flop TV real estate fame. Both these celebs got stem cells for orthopedic kind of health situations, but while in theory stem cells could help such conditions, the jury is really out on that. Celebrities and other public figures have a special responsibility to be extra cautious to avoid any hyping of …Read More

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What happens if we mix stem cells with populism? From a populist view of stem cells, everyday patients should be able to do nearly anything they want with stem cells without any governmental interference or excessive expense. Even stem cells not proven to be safe or effective. This can sound like an appealing idea to patients looking for hope and also to some companies looking for profits. Stem cell populism poses serious questions and risks too. What exactly is “populism”? The Internet defines it …Read More