Poll: How many stem cell treatments have you had?

Stem cell treatment cost August 2018

Stem cell treatment cost August 2018The cost of stem cell treatments is a big deal for many reasons including the burden it puts on patients, who often then turn to friends, family and even the Internet to try to obtain the money needed to pay the for-profit clinic.

A reasonable question to ask is how the cost of a stem cell treatment compares to the costs of more standard of care options. Most often clinic stem cell offerings are more expensive, but not always. However, “value” is another consideration directly related to whether the clinic offerings are actually effective or not.

I recently did a poll on stem cell treatment cost that you can see here, which was very interesting. I’ve pasted an image of the results at right updated as of today. I haven’t crunched the numbers, but it looks like the average cost is around $7,500.

Many patients get more than 1 stem cell treatment and some get many on a regular basis over years, which of course impacts total cost. My impression is that the repeated injections are more common at adipose and amniotic clinics versus bone marrow ones, but no data on that.

Getting back to my earlier look at cost, I didn’t factor in multiple treatments into that poll, which would have ramped up total cost. Instead that poll more reflects price per treatment.

I have a new poll today with the question, “how many stem cell treatments you’ve gotten?” If you’ve had at least one stem cell treatment, please participate in the poll below. Thanks.


  1. I had the first half of my sixth stem-cell blood treatment today for COPD emphysema. Second half is tomorrow; same thing as today. It may be of interest that the clinic I’ve used used to do bone marrow and adipose treatments as well as the blood treatment, but have recently dispensed with those first two because the results of the blood treatment were better. I don’t know how much better, but I think my own experience bears that out.

  2. I am honestly still saving for mine. I’ve been quoted $6000 USD, which is almost $8000 Canadian (where I’m from). Up till now, I have done extensive PRP treatments with great results for muscle tears (permanent results) and relief (but not permanent) of partial ligament tears.

  3. I had stem cell injections 4 weeks ago for PHN (post herpatic neuralgia) which is the lingering pain from shingles. I suffered for 9 months with relentless pain. By the 2 1/2 week Mark, I began to feel a change in the affected area (which was a 10 inch wide band runnng from my naval to my spine). Now at 4 weeks I would say I have improved about 65%. Quite pleasing since I was told it could take up to 5 months to realize any change. The stem cells used are amniotic and due to the large area I had 3 vials. My provider said each vial contains approximately 10 million stem cells. My provider charged $3500 for the first vial and $2000 for each following vial. That also included 4 weeks of acupuncture.

    At week 2 I went for a vitamin IV. It definitely boosted my immune system and folks told me I was glowing. Having lost 22 pounds (I didn’t need to loose) over the 9 months of suffering this was the first time I didn’t feel like death warmed over. And of course I finally got my energy back. As cells they continue to grow so for me, I think this is going to have been a great investment in my health, not to mention the easing of pain. I now sleep thru the night which in itself is a blessing.

    Yes, it’s pricy, but for anyone with chronic pain who is nearly bedridden like I was, I think it is a great option for getting life back on track. But I also recommend a vitamin IV. I have a friend who suffers with fibromyalgia and has been housebound for a decade. She went for the IV and said “ first time in a decade I woke up happy and pain free”. My take on that is the boosting of her immune system. She claims that she thinks a monthly vitamin IV will get her off the heavy opioids she has been on for years. I’m not a health professional, but what I do know is the stem cell injections are working for me. And the IV gave my immune system what it needed to get me up and running. Hope this helps answer questions for some of you,

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