November 30, 2020

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3 min read

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how about a Facebook video from a stem cell clinic? In my view it sure tells a story with some unusual twists. I wrote last week about this Facebook video by Kristin Comella, the leader of the publicly-traded stem cell clinic firm US Stem Cell, Inc. (USRM). As most of you know by now, USRM and another group called California Stem Cell Treatment Center/Cell Surgical Network are each the subject of DOJ lawsuits at the request of the …Read More

1 min read

What are the top stem cell videos on YouTube? They are not at all what I thought they would be, at least the top 20 as ranked by view count. Update for 2020: One of the top videos now is a provocative one of Joe Rogan, Mel Gibson, and a clinic operator. This video seems to promote unproven, for-profit stem cell offerings including at a clinic in Panama. I’m not sure why Rogan is gung-ho on unproven stem cells, but I do wonder if …Read More

2 min read

For the last month I’ve been accepting entries to my blog’s stem cell videos contest. This video contest follows up on other fund and educational contests I’ve run with prizes including a stem cell essay contest. In addition I do an annual Stem Cell Person of the Year Award with a $1,000 prize, which I personally pay myself to the winner. These are all part of my way of giving back and promoting the stem cell field and good citizenship (read about my 2013 winner here). …Read More