Surprising 20 most popular stem cell videos on YouTube

What are the top stem cell videos on YouTube?

They are not at all what I thought they would be, at least the top 20 as ranked by view count.

Update for 2020: One of the top videos now is a provocative one of Joe Rogan, Mel Gibson, and a clinic operator. This video seems to promote unproven, for-profit stem cell offerings including at a clinic in Panama. I’m not sure why Rogan is gung-ho on unproven stem cells, but I do wonder if his show receives payment for promoting stem cell clinics.

stem cell videos

Check the top 20 out here.

The topics include a stem cell skin gun (see video above), Michael J. Fox, Parkinson’s Disease and stem cells, Suzanne Somers and stem cell breast augmentation, stem cells for baldness, stem cell cosmetic procedures, Peyton and Eli Manning with stem cells, and more.

At least some of the videos were purely educational so that’s something.

I expected more promotional stem cell videos from clinics to be in the top, but there are a few and I bet in a couple of years that more of such will break into the top-tier unfortunately.

What do you think is the best stem cell video and why?

2 thoughts on “Surprising 20 most popular stem cell videos on YouTube”

  1. Why was the skin gun video withdrawn in France “by the person who loaded it on line” ?

  2. Love the stem cell skin gun – I was privileged to worked with Jörg Gerlach when he was building liver bioreactors back in the 90’s. Glad to see he’s still a visionary and still having fun.

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