August 3, 2020

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2 min read

Many years ago I started a “not lost in translation” outreach project here on The Niche called SCOPE, meaning Stem Cell Outreach Program for Education. I thought it’d be useful for people all around the world who didn’t necessarily speak English to be able to get authoritative, factual data on stem cells. That was about it. A useful tool. However, it really took off like I never imagined in nearly every country of the world. SCOPE has a stem cell white paper in 34 …Read More

6 min read

People ask me questions about stem cells all the time so I decide to do a new blog series answering your questions. Today’s post is  the first in this new stem cell Q&A series. Past series have included my Elephant in the Lab series that provides some insights into the craziness that sometimes goes on in academic research with sometimes biting science humor. I’ve also gotten many great questions on my Reddit AMAs both about stem cells and CRISPR. I’m focusing today on a …Read More

4 min read

When I think of cookies, I first think of chocolate chip, peanut butter, or macaroons, but an arguably more important kind these days is the type of thing that websites implant on your computer sometimes to monitor your web activities. Not delicious. I did a little experiment inspired by the New York Times Privacy Project. I essentially turned off the ability of websites to place cookies on my browsers on all my computers at home. At the start I thought, “Cheers to privacy!” but …Read More

1 min read

Today I’m doing 2 polls on the future of the California stem cell agency better known as CIRM as it hangs in the balance, awaiting the results of us California voters going to the polls in November. At that time, Californians will vote on the new proposition that would fund CIRM for $5 billion more. You can read the proposition here. There has been some disagreement even amongst CIRM supporters of the exact nature of the initiative and the new form of CIRM should it …Read More