Recommended regenerative medicine reads: making eggs, retraction, freezing, more

What to read when there are almost an endless number of stem cell and regenerative medicine pubs? Here are some suggestions including what I would say is a very unusual Nature paper on making egg cells from stem cells. If this could be done safely with human cells all the way to functional eggs, would you consider stem cell-related fertility treatments to be “Regenerative Medicine”?

hamazaki et al nature fig 2b induction of oocytes from es cells, regenerative medicine
“Expression of marker genes in the follicle structure. Immunostaining results of the follicle
structure at day 14 of culture are shown. A similar result was observed in all 26
follicles tested. Scale bar, 20 μm.” Hamazaki et al Nature Fig 2b screenshot. Induction of oocyte-like structures from ES cells by reprogramming.

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