January 25, 2021

The Niche

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4 min read

Who are the top stem cell and regenerative medicine influencers to follow on Twitter and elsewhere in 2019? Terrapin asked this kind of broad question to some within our community about 5 years ago and came up with a Top 50 list of stem cell influencers, which I like to joke I was “at the top of” because I was #50 and they listed us in reverse order. What about today and soon in the coming year in 2019? Who are the major regenerative medicine …Read More

2 min read

Who should you follow on Twitter amongst all the biologists out there? Actually, it very much depends on your interests and what you want to get out of it. Below is my list of top biologists/biology writers that I, with all my many biases (see below) recommend to you to follow on Twitter, in no particular order (actually alphabetized). Check out their Tweets. Engage them with a question or reply to them with a valuable link. See what happens. The nice thing about Twitter is you can essentially …Read More