A List of Top Biologists to Follow on Twitter

Who should you follow on Twitter amongst all the biologists out there?

Actually, it very much depends on your interests and what you want to get out of it.

neuroskeptic, one of the top biologists to follow on twitter

Below is my list of top biologists/biology writers that I, with all my many biases (see below) recommend to you to follow on Twitter, in no particular order (actually alphabetized).

Check out their Tweets. Engage them with a question or reply to them with a valuable link. See what happens.

The nice thing about Twitter is you can essentially experiment with it on who to follow. If you follow someone say for a week and it seems like it’s not of much interest to you then you just unfollow them.

There are some amazing scientists on Twitter including some pseudonymous bloggers such as Neuroskeptic (see avatar above), DrugMonkey, and Dr. Isis. Stay tuned for a hopefully soon upcoming blog post on anonymity and identity in science social media that I’ve been working on now and then.

Call me crazy, but I like to include an ample helping of people/organizations with whom I do not always see eye-to-eye amongst those that I follow on Twitter as it makes me think in a different way. I also like to follow people who are literally throwing themselves into life as an experiment. Maybe even causing trouble in a sense with strong opinions. You might note a preference for cell, developmental and molecular biology as well as the biomedical sciences. I confess to it. I also greatly value diversity so that is reflected in my list.

I also have a bias towards people/organizations that tweet regularly. Therefore, I’ve left off some fabulous biologists who might only tweet a few times a year.

Admittedly I’ve probably left off some more greats from all of those who I follow and please leave your favorites in the comments and I am betting I’ll be needing to expand the list below from your awesome feedback. And, yeah, please consider following me too at @pknoepfler

Well, here’s the list with a big hat tip to Kelly Hills for her valuable input and suggestions.

Who are your top biologists to follow on Twitter?

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