October 29, 2020

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Year: 2011

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For a long time many of us in the stem cell field have been worried about dubious stem cell treatments, so-called ‘stem cell tourism’.  How do we stop it or at least fight back to keep people safe and help them avoid losing what is often their life savings? Many activities related to stem cell tourism occur right here in the U.S. and almost entirely or entirely involve adult stem cells. Interestingly it is often the folks who are most opposed to embryonic stem …Read More

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If you truly believe someone is breaking the law using stem cells, I encourage you to contact the FBI and tell them your concerns. You may do so by going to this FBI tip site. I’m so pleased to see the FBI taking action against alleged law breakers who are accused of using the excitement about stem cells to take money from vulnerable patients. However, please keep in mind that not only the indicted folks but also others in the stem cell universe who appear …Read More

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Reportedly, a second, new federal indictment against 4 men including fake doctors Morales and Stowe today indicates 24 more additional charges. The group took as much as $1.5 million from patients and their families for dubious stem cell treatments. It is unknown if any of the patients were harmed physically by the treatments, but surely in this economy they and their families could ill afford to lose all that money.

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Who is the stem cell fugitive? When I was a kid I loved re-runs of that program The Fugitive. I always knew that Dr. Richard Kimble was innocent. Then in 1993 Harrison Ford starred in a movie based on the TV show, which was a fun one. Now we have a real life fugitive story involving stem cells, but the innocence or guilt of the party on the run in this case, Dr. Lawrence Stowe, remains to be determined. (2020 update: we have more …Read More