Jerry Brown vs. California Education and Research

New California Governor, Jerry Brown, today proposed a 17% cut in funding for the UC System. Such a cut would be devastating to California at many levels including education, research, and competitiveness.

The UC System is already under extraordinary stress from recent budget cuts that have inflicted serious injury upon the system. The new Governor’s proposed additional deep cuts would be disastrous. UC leaders responded today and articulated the serious implications of Brown’s misguided proposal.

UC President Yudof remarked that the cuts would result for first time in a disturbing situation where UC students pay more to support the UC System than does the state of California.

Brown is also proposed a similar $500 million cut to the Cal State System.

At a time when California needs a strong UC System more than ever, Brown’s proposed cuts are the equivalent of California shooting itself in the foot.

I wonder if Brown’s actions will make those of us in the UC System and in California more generally look back fondly on the days of the Governator.

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