November 28, 2020

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Lisa Ray, Stem Cell City, and stem cell resources across the globe

The McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine has launched a new effort they call “Stem Cell City”.

As part of the launch they have enlisted the help of Lisa Ray, a Canadian Actress/Model, who was treated for Multiple Myeloma in 2009 using a stem cell transplant.

Lisa Ray has a video that is quite compelling (see above). I wish more celebrities would join the cause of promoting life-saving stem cell research.

You can join the Stem Cell City here. I’m not sure what joining the “City” means at this point, but I assume members will be given updates on stem cell research. Also, I’m not sure exactly what this “City” will be and if it will be more broad than just focusing on the McEwen Centre, but it sounds interesting and is meant to be an educational resource.

I guess we will see how it develops.

FYI, EuroStemCell already has a  global stem cell information website here. It’s very cool and the diversity of resources is amazing.

We also have our own stem cell tools page that we are adding to regularly.


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