Take home message from our FDA poll: please move faster!

Recently I posted a poll to my readers asking them how they felt about the FDA and stem cells.

The results (See above) are in and our readers largely agree with each other. Their take home message to the FDA? Move faster, please!

A surprising 83% of respondents want the FDA to move faster, and only 17% were happy with the status quo.

Interestingly, no one wanted the FDA to move more cautiously.

1 thought on “Take home message from our FDA poll: please move faster!”

  1. FDA way too slow for many….when are we going to get results?

    Lisa Kus says ‘hope on the horizon’ for MD, but doesn’t believe cure in her lifetime

    She has seen others who live with the disease ride “a merry-go-round of hope and disappointment” as they follow the latest medical research reports, and she wants no part of that.

    “The disease moves so slowly. It’s sort of a drip, drip,” she said. “It’s so slow. So insidious.”


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