New 60 Minutes Episode on Sunday Takes Down Stem Cell Bad Guys

A few years back 60 minutes did an expose on “Drs.” Stowe and Morales who allegedly took money from vulnerable patients in exchange for potentially dangerous and useless stem cell treatments.

On Sunday, 60 Minutes will air a new episode going after the stem cell bad guys.

The parents of a child that an alleged stem cell quack say their message now to others considering such treatments is “Beware!”. They also had this to say:

“People are preyed upon by hucksters and charlatans… It’s about getting rich at someone’s expense…And people with a special child don’t need anymore expense…heartache…false promises. They need the truth and they need hope.”

I don’t know at this time if the segment will mention that recent indictments of alleged stem cell criminals such as Morales and Stowe or other stem cell bad guys that are on the radar screens of both the FBI and the stem cell field.

2 thoughts on “New 60 Minutes Episode on Sunday Takes Down Stem Cell Bad Guys”

    1. That depends on who you ask, Michael. In my opinion, the only stem cell treatment that is 100% credible at this point is bone marrow transplantation. There are other credible ones in the works, but you could only get those as part of a clinical trial. I’m skeptical of all other treatments that are offered right now because they are not FDA approved nor backed by compelling science.

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