Update: Vatican letter diss’ing pro-life extremists is available.

Below is the Vatican letter that would seem to be an unequivocal slap in the face to pro-life extremists and you can find it on the web too here.

For whole story of how the Vatican gives these groups like Family Research Council “no credibility whatsoever” read here.

Vatican stem cells

5 thoughts on “Update: Vatican letter diss’ing pro-life extremists is available.”

  1. The controversial quote from the article you linked to doesn’t to match the letter’s text. The article stated: “These people are well known,” the letter said, “and the Pontifical Academy and other bodies of the Holy See give them no credibility whatsoever.”

    The letter you reproduced above stated: “These persons are well known, and do not enjoy any credit from the Pontifical Academy for Life, as well as from other organisms of the Holy See.”

    1. Brad, you are right. I believe there were multiple slightly different letters depending on the status of the recipient.

  2. The way I heard it they cancelled their latest Vatican stem cell council because the speakers did not agree to tiptoe around the ESC issue. They might not be as virulent as fringe activists, but they’re ambiguous at best

  3. Thanks, Paul. The Vatican has reaped endless publicity for its alleged interest in stem cell research, which it funded to the tune of one (1) million dollars– this from the largest property owner on earth.

    The fact that they would cancel a stem cell conference because they could not find enough sponsors– shows how little they care.

    And yet they have plenty of money to attack other nation’s stem cell programs….

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