January 20, 2021

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Will the real Don Margolis please stand up: ties to Grekos who is charged in stem cell fatalities

Dr. Zannos Grekos has administered so-called stem cell-based treatments to patients, at least two of whom have died following treatment in the last couple years. It is an understatement to say that Grekos is in serious hot water with various authorities at the state and federal levels.

Zannos Grekos, Don Margolis
Zannos Grekos

In the case of a 77-year old man who recently died after receiving care from Grekos, more details have come to light as reported by a number of news outlets, including a recent article in Naplesnews.com.

A leading proponent of adult stem cell treatments is Don Margolis, who is a self-proclaimed stem cell facilitator (meaning someone who connects patients with adult stem cell clinics). Remarkably, two different people claiming to be Margolis posted a series of comments on the Naplesnews.com story on Grekos.

Here are two of the comments.

DonaldMargolis writes:

I would like to make a public announcement that I am supporting Dr. Grekos.I have sent patients to Dr. Zannos Grekos and will continue to do so! It doesn’t matter if they are treated in a cockroach infested hospital in the Dominican Republic- what is most important is they get better. I will continue to recommend my patients go see Dr. Grekos. Dr. Grekos, I stand by you in your time of need.

DonMargolis222 writes:

My name is Don Margolis and I am the chairman of the world’s only stem cell patient advocacy organization, The Repair Stem Cell Institute. At my website, www dot RepairStemCells dot org, you can read many hundreds of stem cell articles. No matter how many times you find my name, you will NEVER see it as “Donald.” You can Google “Don Margolis” STEM and get about 20,000 hits.
Someone is posting here using my name (as DonaldMargolis). While there are others with that name in America, this one is a liar since HE never referred patients to Dr. Grekos as I once did. For reasons not involving the state’s complaints, my Institute stopped referring patients to Dr. Grekos in 2011. And we never used derogatory remarks about the hospital.

What the heck? Which one is real?

I’m not 100% sure of course, but I strongly suspect the latter comment is the real Don Margolis.

What I find fascinating is that both commenting Margolises admit directing patients to Dr. Grekos. Interestingly, the one who I think is almost certainly the true Don Margolis says he does not do business with Grekos anymore.

The whole area of stem cell facilitators is a very important one that I believe we all need to learn more about as soon as possible.

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