January 17, 2021

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Vote “Yes” on Prop 29 to help find a cure for cancer

Prop29What’s the deal with California Prop. 29? Every so often a proposition comes along that just flat out makes complete sense. Arguing against it is sort of like saying the Earth is flat.

Just such a proposition is California Prop. 29, which will be voted on on Tuesday, June 5 as part of the presidential primary ballot.

Please vote “Yes” on this important proposition.

Prop. 29 imposes a $1.00 tax on a pack of cigarettes with the money going to cancer research. A legislative analysis of Prop. 29 can be found here.

Proposition 29  is supported by the American Cancer Society,  American Heart Association, Cancer Action Network, Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, Livestrong Foundation Stand Up to Cancer, the UC Regents, the Sacramento Bee and San Francisco Chronicle, among other news outlets.

Who is opposed? Largely anti-tax groups and perhaps the tobacco companies. However, their arguments are very weak.

Please vote “Yes” on Prop. 29 to generate a revenue stream from a logical source, cigarettes which are linked to lung and other cancers, for cancer research. As a cancer research to me it just makes good sense and right now cancer funding has really taken bad hits at the federal level due to the economic downturn such that grant funding rates at the National Cancer Institute are at historic lows (7%) at a time when so many millions of Americans have cancer.

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