TGIF: mostly ugly stem cell headlines for week of June 1 including one for ACTC

It’s been another weird week in the stem cell universe with more ugly headlines than good ones.

What are the good, bad, and ugly headlines? Mainly bad stuff this week! If I missed good news headlines that you liked, please tell us in the comments!

Über ugly

Stem cells regrow man’s foot. Really? What the heck? Supposedly a man in Georgia, who had lost most of his foot to flesh-eating bacteria, had his foot re-grown via adult stem cells. This is a load of baloney. Talk about hype. This kind of story makes the whole stem cell field look bad.


L.A. Times continues its hate fest against CIRM with yet another, unfair negative article. The piece reflects an out of touch, angry tone of the L.A. Times over the years against CIRM.

Dumb and ugly

Houston Chronicle publishes a PR on adult stem cells related to a snake oil stem cell supplement called The Stem Cell Worx Intraoral Spray. Wow, this is so dumb.

Bad news for only stem cell company with ES cell clinical trial, Advanced Cell Technology (ACTC). 

SEC files complaint against ACTC over past stock deals and will likely force forfeiture of profits from those sales. I don’t know the fine details of this one, but some folks in the know suggest this will not hurt ACT’s bottom line, but still not exactly good news.