January 17, 2021

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Wondering why Celltex is still so silent


Why is the Texas stem cell company Celltex so super duper private about itself?

I’m not sure.

It has been the subject of much discussion in the stem cell field in the past year.

Unfortunately, much of the news has been negative, largely related to their former head of ethics, Glenn McGee, who also was the editor of the American Journal of Bioethics at the same time. Slate also published and then reportedly under legal pressure from Celltex withdrew an article on Celltex.

Celltex has sparked my curiosity.

What do we really know about Celltex?

Almost nothing.

From what I gather from bits and pieces of Internet items, Celltex is in the business of producing (and banking?) adult stem cells from adipose tissue for the purpose of sale to and use by other, separate clinics to inject into patients as therapies.

Am I right? I am not sure, but this is my best guess.

Celltex, is that correct?

To me, Celltex, your stealthy profile makes me even more curious about you.

In an attempt to engage, I emailed the two Celltex founders several weeks ago offering to post their answers to some simple, very non-confrontational questions I included. My letter was intended as an opening for them to tell us all in the stem cell community a bit more about them.

I got no reply.

In the past, other groups and people such as ICMS and Dr. Chris Centeno, who might not agree with me on my views on stem cell regulatory issues, have nonetheless taken the opportunity to engage with me with what I think they would agree were great results. I have also privately started dialogues with some other folks with the hope that such engagement will be beneficial to the stem cell community and eventually be publicly discussed.

This again leaves me wondering “What is Celltex afraid of?”

Probably nothing.

But my blog readers and the stem cell community are wondering the same thing or perhaps worse.

I believe Celltex is doing itself no favor via its lack of image management. Why? Because when we do hear anything about Celltex, it is mostly negative in the press and Internet. For example, it is them drawing the concern of bioethicists such as at the University of Minnesota or by Doug Sipp. Those folks saying they were threatened with litigation by Celltex. And so forth.

In short, all bad press. A mess really.

Some of the little of what we know that seems positive comes from the blog of a patient, Debbie, who has blogged glowingly about her experience getting treatment from Celltex. But scientists and doctors are rightly skeptical of patient testimonials. They can mean a lot or nothing.

Making matters worse, Celltex still has no website. Of course as a private company, Celltex can make its own choices on PR and such.

However, at some point, Celltex, you are going to need to engage with the stem cell community in a substantive manner. It is inevitable.

Why not start now?

Autologous adult stem cell therapy and banking are fascinating, extremely important areas so the powers that be in the stem cell field are naturally curious about what you guys are doing.

My invitation is still open. I know you read this blog as does an important and growing part of the overall stem cell community.

I’ll extend the invitation further to publish verbatim any statement you might have. I think you have nothing to be afraid of and everything to gain by engaging the stem cell community in a dialogue, putting up a website, etc.

The time is ripe, but may soon become over-ripe……

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