TGIF: stem cell headlines according to Google & my take on them

stem cell headlinesThe metaformin story is very interesting, but why show picture of Bartolo Colon who got dubious stem cell treatment for arm injury?

Some stem cell scientists express concerns about Osiris; see article by Alexey.

Sweat gland story is interesting.

Stem cells for heart disease is a key, exciting area, but still early days….still definitely one to watch!

I have trouble getting excited about the amniotic fluid story, perhaps because it has been so politicized.

Still waiting for that call from Emma Stone to intern in my lab. Yeah, right.

Why is the RNL lawsuit not in the top Google hits for “stem cells” in the news?

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  1. Taylor Anderson

    There is the IP battle between Geron and Viacyte that has many companies in limbo waiting on the 3 judges to rule on the patent case. Oral arguements were June 6th in patent case number 1. The companies involved are Geron/ GE vs Viacyte/J&J/Pfizer/CDI. They are battling over definitive endo dem: Islet cells, Hepatocytes and other cell types. The battle in case 1 deals with HESC derived definitive endo derm. Case number 2 which will go to oral arguements in October covers IPS derived definitive endo derm. major players have a big interest in this case. FYI J&J major shareholder of Viacyte they use Viacyte to insulate J&J from the crack pots.

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