Founder of RNL Bio, Korean Stem Cell Company being sued for fraud, the next Bill Gates or Warren Buffet?

The founder of Korean stem cell corporation, RNL Bio, Dr. Jeong-Chan Ra, may be most well-known in the U.S. for his association with Texas Stem Cell Clinic, Celltex, which gave Guv Rick Perry his stem cell transplant.

RNL Bio is also the first major company to be sued in U.S. federal court for fraud over stem cell treatments that some trial lawyers view as blood in the water.

Celltex RNLNow Dr. Ra, according to an RNL Bio press release (PR), is going to give 90% of his personal wealth to charities.

These aren’t just any charities though. They are strictly Christian, four pro-life charities that promote only adult stem cells and are opposed to embryonic stem cells.

The PR goes on to compare Dr. Ra to Bill Gates and Warren Buffet in terms of philanthropy. Those are high hurdles.

I don’t think Dr. Ra is the next Bill Gates or Warren Buffet.

The wonderful Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gives billions of dollars to global charities irrespective of religion or arbitrary moral litmus tests.