November 28, 2020

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Month: October 2012

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The Stem Cell Meeting on the Mesa is going on in my former hometown of La Jolla, Ca on Halloween. I wish I could have been there, but I’m too swamped with a lot of stuff right now including teaching. If I was there, I’d be asking questions including, I hope, tough ones. Here are my top 10 tough questions for the stem cell field nearing the end of 2012. 10. Can we learn something as a field from the fraud Moriguchi? I think …Read More

3 min read

The odds of Mitt Romney becoming our next President seem to be increasing. If Romney becomes our next president, what will he do about stem cells? He’ll be an active enemy of embryonic stem cell research. He’ll support the crazy personhood movement. Why do I say that? Earlier this year I had a run in with a right-wing extremist group called The Witherspoon Council. They claimed ethical superiority over average Americans on the issue of stem cells and they issued a supposedly definitive report …Read More

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Today was day one of the Houston Stem Cell Summit, at which Guv Rick Perry was a keynote speaker. I thank the organizer for inviting me to attend and I wish I could have, but I’ve spent a good chunk of the day today teaching medical students right here in Sacramento, CA so I could not go. The meeting got off to an impactful beginning with Perry’s speech (see below). There are many interests elements to Perry’s speech, but one added part in particular …Read More

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I predict by 2015 most major journals will have ended their hardcopy print versions and will be entirely digital. It just makes good sense from so many perspectives including financially and from an environmental view. This is a radical change from just a few decades ago. During my youngest childhood years, there were no personal computers. It wasn’t until I was a tween (not that anyone used that term back then) or early teen that my family got one of the early Apple computers, …Read More