Massachusetts General Hospital official statement on Moriguchi patent app

I emailed Dr. Raymond Chung about the patent application that was filed with him and Hisashi Moriguchi as inventors and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) as the assignee (owner).

I have already heard from Harvard about the patent, but I also heard today from MGH Public Affairs Officer Sue McGreevey in response to my inquiry to Dr. Chung as follows:

Dr. Chung asked me to reply to your questions regarding the patent application you asked about.  Massachusetts General Hospital did file that patent application at Mr. Moriguchi’s request and relying on the accuracy of the information he gave our intellectual property office, including his assertion the the University of Tokyo had decided not to patent the technology he had reported.  With the past week’s revelations of Mr. Moriguchi’s many false claims, we have asked our patent attorney to abandon the patent application. 


2 thoughts on “Massachusetts General Hospital official statement on Moriguchi patent app”

  1. Very peculiar. And what about all the papers (it was nine I believe) co-authored by Harvard’s (MGH) Dr. Chung and Moriguchi. Something is not right here.

  2. Hi Paul,

    is this statement implying that MGH was involved indirectly but officially at some degree with Moriguchi false allegations ?

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