Silence kills science? My invitation to RNL Europe CEO Glenn McGee to do a Q&A interview on his company

In the comments section of a recent post on adult stem cell treatment safety on this blog, the CEO of RNL Europe, Glenn McGee made the philosophical statement that “silence kills science”. It’s an interesting thought and I think to some extent there is truth in it. Openness, data-sharing, dialogue…these are all good things.

In that spirit I invited McGee to do a friendly Q&A interview on my blog to discuss his company RNL Europe.

I hope he takes me up on the offer and we can learn more about RNL Europe. I offer the interview with good intentions to start a healthy dialogue. I also offered to post his responses to my questions verbatim as long as they do not violate the policies of this blog (e.g. no personal attacks), but I doubt that would be a problem.


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  1. Right after 1) you answer my posts, and 2) I interview you without restriction, for your blog, without edits, and you 3) interview a well-cited scientist of my choosing, with >50 pubmed adult cell publications, providing them a full opportunity to review your many data claims like the lovely “3 reasons to be terrified” post. Then we can *absolutely* do that, provided I make an opening statement to clarify the obvious reason for the interview, and provided that you make commenters aware of German libel law. Sound good? If so, you’re welcome to continue to try to take the attention off of yourself and turn it to your transparent attempt to turn my comments into an opportunity to caption me as a role rather than expert. Good luck.

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