Harvard Stem Cell Institute Teases Tomorrow Will Bring Biggest Announcement Ever: Predictions

Harvard Stem Cell InstituteThe Harvard Stem Cell Institute yesterday posted on Facebook that they will make the biggest announcement in their history tomorrow.

Big hat tip to Mohammed Mostajo for the heads up and pic on this one. Thanks!

What’s that all about? I’ve been working on my sources!

Possible predictions….

  • A. SCNT-production of genetically normal human embryonic stem cells
  • B. Betatrophin, a pancreatic beta cell proliferation factor
  • C. Something interesting related to pre-clinical use of iPS cells. Cure of an animal model disease?
  • D. Direct reprogramming on a grand scale.
  • E. Efficient totally chemical/small molecule reprogramming.
  • F. Other (please make predictions in the comments)
  • G. Nothing particularly exciting…just a teaser to generate some social media buzz (seems unlikely)

Stay tuned. If I hear more, you’ll hear.

7 thoughts on “Harvard Stem Cell Institute Teases Tomorrow Will Bring Biggest Announcement Ever: Predictions”

  1. Dr K…. in reference to “D.”, are you talking about cellular transdifferentiation? If so, doesn’t ACTC already have a patent on that technology?

    1. Mark, yes, but I guess now people are saying “direct reprograming” more than “transdifferentiation”. I don’t know if ACT has a patent on that, but there are likely to be literally dozens of such patents depending on the application.

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  3. F) I hope it is one of the topics you have suggested. However, I suspect that it is a new or renewed funding agreement with GSK or the like. Perhaps this time around the programs will include clinical ambitions and not just drug discovery? If so, Id anticipate a much larger commitment(maybe upwards of 9 figures?) Thanks for the heads up!

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