October 25, 2020

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Month: May 2013

3 min read

Baldness can teach us something about blogging? You might be surprised! My mission with this blog is to responsibly use its influence for good for educational outreach to help people learn about stem cells. Can this blog make a difference? Does it have any influence? It seems so. Blogging is a lot more powerful than I ever imagined when I started this blog a few years ago. Even a single blog can have a big influence on people’s perspectives on things across the globe. …Read More

3 min read

In this post I propose that researchers and patients advocate together to pressure the stem cell clinic industry to collect and publish such data. Why do I make such a proposal? Many thousands of patients have bought stem cell interventions from non-compliant stem cell clinics. Thousands of others are considering doing so. You can see a map at right of all the stem cell clinics advertising in the US as of 2016. Many in both groups contact me on a regular basis. These patients …Read More

2 min read

After several years doing this blog, I have come to the conclusion that when it comes to stem cells, fact is sometimes stranger than fiction and a case in point is the new electronic stem cell bra. It is intended but not proven to augment breast size. Yes, you read that right. The StemCell Bra (seen screen shot above) is a reported new innovation in which electricity flowing through a special bra is hoped by the manufacturer to give women bigger breasts via stimulating stem cell …Read More

1 min read

A few days ago I started a poll on the Mitalipov lab’s human cloning paper in Cell and how people felt about the mistakes in the paper. Are these mistakes a big deal or more just minor glitches? Or somewhere in the middle? Based on the poll so far with 87 respondents, readers of this blog (which includes thought leaders in the stem cell field) still are not at this time particularly confident in the paper. The results are at left. The vast majority …Read More