Electric stem cell bra for breast enlargement

After several years doing this blog, I have come to the conclusion that when it comes to stem cells, fact is sometimes stranger than fiction and a case in point is the new electronic stem cell bra. It is intended but not proven to augment breast size.

Yes, you read that right.

Stem Cell Bra

The StemCell Bra (seen screen shot above) is a reported new innovation in which electricity flowing through a special bra is hoped by the manufacturer to give women bigger breasts via stimulating stem cell activity.


Could this actually work? If so, how?

I’m skeptical.

The company behind the StemCell Bra makes the following claims as to how it works, saying the bra:

1. Recruits stem cells (via homing signal protein release SDF-1+) from bone marrow, fat and circulating blood to breast tissue to augment breast size non-invasively.

2. Improves blood flow in breast tissue (increased VEGF protein expression).

At the bottom of the webpage it says:

“Warning:  Not available for sale: Investigational Use Only – Product is not yet proven safe or effective in clinical trials” 

What’s next?

Electronic underwear to enlarge manhood?

Electric stem cell hats that make us smarter?

I’m hoping to do a Q&A with the manufacturer. In that regard, I have started an email dialogue with them to address issues such as the nature of their clinical trial, safety issues such as the concern that stimulating breast growth could promote undesired growth such as tumors, and the price point for the bra if it becomes for sale.

6 thoughts on “Electric stem cell bra for breast enlargement”

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  2. We were having this exact discussion in our lab yesterday afternoon. How bizarre is this?? I just can’t fathom how this would actually work. Also, would you get through the airport security check wearing this thing?

    1. Your airport security comment is really funny! 🙂 I imagine that anyone wearing such a medical device would have to take it off before going through security. Could be mighty awkward, huh?

      1. Glad that someone appreciates my sense of humour! I don’t want to know how embarrassing it would be to have to remove it in security situations. I would like to know what time period you have to wear the bra for for enlargement to happen. Do they shrink when you take it off? Can you stop the growth at a size that you desire? So many questions!

  3. Yikes! Enhances VEGF expression. Sounds like a one way ticket to tumorville. Of course we have to accept premise. This is highly unlikely.

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