July 10, 2020

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Kim Kardashian vampire facelift: stem cells in there?

kardashian-vampire-facialCelebrities such as Kim Kardashian are reportedly getting so-called vampire face lifts.


Perhaps because stem cells and other material inside the processed blood is supposed to make them younger?

Yes, that is Kim above (photo from Kim Kardashian on Instagram) with her face smeared with blood, but not just ordinary Kardashian blood. Instead it reportedly is her blood that has been centrifuged and processed to make a biomagical concoction perhaps boosted with stem cells.

And one shouldn’t forget that apparently she had her face “micro-needled” first to let all that good stuff smeared on her face into her skin tissue. This prep process has been described as rototilling your face (see device below…yes each little thing on there is a needle).

Yikes! Looks like a torture device to me.micro needling

But possibly this is a case of mistaken therapeutic identity as it appears Kim had a treatment with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is not actually a stem cell product…at least probably not. These days, who knows.

She’s very pretty, but I think better off without the blood, needling, etc.

Don’t you agree?




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