October 24, 2020

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The identity of Dr. Famous of the stem cell field

I recently did a post and a poll on whether a blogger scientist should blog about a very weak, but sexy paper from a famous, powerful scientist whom I called “Dr. Famous”.

The poll is still getting a lot of hits so I’m not going to discuss the results yet as it is still ongoing.

However, something quite interesting has happened in the mean time that I want to blog about.

Six people have privately contacted me assuming (A) that I meant a specific person by Dr. Famous and (B) either guessing or already sure they know the identity of Dr. Famous.

Remarkably, all six told me/implied to me that Dr. Famous was a different person!

This has mad me laugh out loud multiple times, but then also it kinda worried me because I’m wondering if all these candidate Dr. Famous people might get mad at me.

So some clarity is needed.

Folks, there is no one, specific Dr. Famous, at least not to me. But apparently to you guys there are many specific Dr. Famouses in the stem cell field.

Sorry to disappoint. Dr. Famous is a symbol, not a real person, to me at least.

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