Call for guest ISSCR 2013 bloggers: audience of thousands awaits you

ISSCR 2013Are you attending the ISSCR 2013 Annual Meeting this week in Boston?

Want to get your voice heard about what you think of the meeting or specific talks or the most interesting thing you heard at the bar?

You have an invitation to guest blog here on

Send me your ideas or draft posts, and I’ll give a look.

If you did a good job on an interesting topic, you have a strong chance of seeing your post go up here on where these days we have an audience in the many thousands.

2 thoughts on “Call for guest ISSCR 2013 bloggers: audience of thousands awaits you”

  1. So, Paul…. would my commentary from a patient’s perspective even be considered worthy of your sharing with the ISSCR (which we all know is the darling of the pharmaceutical companies)? I doubt it.

    1. The focus of this invitation for guest bloggers was for people attending the ISSCR meeting going on right now in Boston. Are you there? If so, I’d be interested in your perspective on it. More generally, I consider and sometimes post guest blog submissions, but of course there’s no guarantee that I’ll publish them. Blog posts that are creative and interesting, but also respectful, factual, and do not make unsupported accusations (e.g. of COIs, personal attacks, etc.) have the best change of getting published here. I am very interested in patient perspectives.

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