October 27, 2020

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What would federal prison be like for a non-compliant stem cell doc?

FBI symbolAbout a year ago, I heard from multiple credible sources that there were ongoing federal probes into potential criminal activities related to bogus or dangerously noncompliant stem cell medical interventions, which could lead to prison time.

Since then it has been relatively quiet….that is until the last couple months when again I am hearing from several pretty solid sources that the feds are deep into investigations of multiple non-compliant stem cell operations for alleged criminal activity.

This is serious business and some of the targets are rumored to be physicians.

Federal prison will be hell for a doctor.

As a field, what can we do to make a positive difference for legit, safe, and effective commercialization of stem cell treatments?

There are many positive things one can do such as advocate for responsible innovators, which I know that many of you do.

At the same time we also need to take a stand against rogues who put patients at great risk and threaten to damage the whole field, which would harm thousands or millions of future patients as well.

Stem cell community members, if you believe a doctor might be breaking the law or endangering people via reckless, non-compliant use of stem cells, I urge you to contact the FBI tip line here.

Take a step to help other people avoid being victims.

In the mean time, the doctors reading this blog who know that they themselves are breaking the law and endangering patients, it’s time to stop. It’s not worth it. You find yourself starting to get paranoid about the FBI paying you a visit, huh?

Could they be listening in on your phone and emails like the NSA? Sure. It’s a piece of cake for the FBI these days. You didn’t go to med school and do all that hard work of residency and everything else to find yourself in this position. Time to clean up your act. Now.

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