Stem cell grapevine: FBI readying to take more action against dubious clinics & docs

FBIA rumor is now going around that some dubious stem cell docs and clinics are likely to get visits from the FBI soon!

The FDA, which has just recently issued a couple warning letters (here and here), potentially together with the FBI, may be poised to take more decisive action in the near future in the next couple months including possible arrests.

By their nature, the FDA and FBI are understandably secretive in advance of taking actions. It makes perfect sense. You never know about such rumors, but given their nature I’d be surprised if we don’t see more arrests by the end of the summer.

I’ve been writing the past week about how I believe we are nearing a tipping point where dubious stem cell clinics offering stem cell cosmetics and sports medicine as well as other treatments, aided by an uneducated, sweaty media, may reach a number beyond regulatory control. While I am still worried about the burgeoning number of dubious clinics and the idea of the tipping point, no one should underestimate the power of the FDA and FBI to take decisive action as we have seen by their recent indictments and arrests on stem cell-related charges.

Hey, you dubious stem cell clinics and docs reading this post (and, yeah, you know who you are), if you in your heart know that you have been doing questionable stuff, stop and and maybe you can avoid doing time in a federal prison. No joke.

As I advised last year, now is still a good time for dubious clinics to pack up and quit before they get a visit from the FBI.

Meanwhile, other readers of this blog, what can we do? Stem cell community folks (scientists, patients, advocates, families, etc), if you believe someone might be breaking the law or endangering people via stem cells, I urge you to contact the FBI tip line here. Take a step to help other people avoid being victims.

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