September 27, 2020

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Sky’s the limit on iPS cell licensure cost from Academia Japan

I’ve been researching the issue of how intellectual property (IP) and patents to induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell will influence the field.

It’s a complicated, worrisome picture in terms of getting this technology to patients to help them.

I’m concerned there may be an all out patent war.

Even for those who do not go to court or challenge each other’s iPS cell patents, but choose instead to go the licensure route, things are troubling. The organization in the driver’s seat is called iPS Academia Japan (AJ).

iPS cell licensure fees

Sadly, iPS cell licensure is an expensive and nebulous undertaking.

On the AJ website the prices go to $50K per year and you’ll note that it says “From US$50K/year” for therapeutic uses.

The key word is “From”.

See image above from the AJ website. Ouch.

In other words, the sky’s the limit. Not so simple. Not so reassuring.

A practical real world example of this is Cellular Dynamics, which has paid AJ $351,000 in license fees and royalties.

That’s big bucks and is just the total so far. So contrary to some other reports, the current iPS cell IP arena and the associated costs are anything but simple or reassuring.

This is likely bad news for patients.

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