Guest blogging invite: what is top stem cell company & why?

The Best Stem Cell CompanyI invite you, my blog readers, for the possible chance to guest blog here on with our audience above 10,000 a week of the who’s who of the stem cell world.

What’s the topic?

The positive!

This invitation is to blog in 500 words or less about what you believe is the single best stem cell company that is both innovative & compliant.

The company can use any kind of stem cell to treat any kind of disease, but it must demonstrably work with regulators to be compliant and it must be innovative.

Send me your entries by email to knoepflerATucdavisDOTedu.

The deadline is August 30th at midnight.

This could have an influence on my award for 2013 for The Best Stem Cell Company as well.

Your entry must be written by you and be original. Pieces submitted that are simply company boilerplate will be ineligible.

My overall goal is to highlight three-five (or possibly more) of the best stem cell companies out there that are the most promising, innovative establishments that are also good citizens.

Due to time constraints I will not necessarily have time to reply to all entrants and not all will be published. By entering you agree to allow publication of your writing on this blog.

Authors must include a disclosure as to whether they hold any financial interest in or position with the company that they write about.


2 thoughts on “Guest blogging invite: what is top stem cell company & why?”

  1. Why Stem Cells will Not work long term.

    The Cause of the Organ malfunction in the first place is not being addressed .
    And no matter how many stem cells you pump into a organ it will never take Long term in a actual Body.
    see” Advanced Skin Guide For All Ages And Skin Types”
    By Donald L. Gigante

    For this “New Medical Art Form”

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