Stem Cell Grapevine on Fire: Big Day & Week Ahead for IntelliCell (SVFC)

IntellicellIn the past week I’ve been getting an unprecedented number of emails, blog comments, and even phone calls about IntelliCell Biosciences of NY (stock symbol SVFC).

It’s quite remarkable and I’ve had to moderate many comments related to IntelliCell for content not following this blog’s comment rules.

The grapevine is smoking hot on this company.

It’s been a big week of buzz for the company including uncertainty for example related to an apparent foreclosure sale for tomorrow (now possibly canceled) and lawsuits.

What I hear is that more news is coming and soon.

Hold onto your stem cell hat!


2 thoughts on “Stem Cell Grapevine on Fire: Big Day & Week Ahead for IntelliCell (SVFC)”

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  2. Hi Paul,
    I think I missed out on this story. What happened? I saw the stock price coming down sharply from $5 in October, 2011 to almost nothing today.
    It is good that I do not hold any shares. Can you tell us something about VFC? What are these cells? How much are these different from MSCs? What can be expected from these cells?

    Reading the story of Intellicell, Geron and your post about patients stampeding for non-compliant stem cell treatments abroad, I just had the following thoughts: Stem cell research and bringing stem cells to clinical trials are very expensive and require substantial financing with great business risk. I know some companies who are sitting on the sideline with a proper technology but lack of money to start or complete a clinical trial. That is where the governments should step in. Governments should support stem cell industry for dibilitating diseases with no current treatments, like ALS, MS, ADM, Parkinson, etc. by tax breaks, direct investments, etc. to speed up development substantially, otherwise patients have no other choice than go abroad for unproven treatments.

    Also, what would you consider a stem cell treatment which is completed Phase 1/2 trials and showed safety and some efficacy in a small group of patients and offered in a related hospital for money? Is that non-compliant? We also know about clinics that tout totally bull…t stem cell treatments with not even a preclinical study substatiating it. I see a big diffrence between the two, even though there is risk with both.

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