January 15, 2021

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Stem Cell Universe with Stephen Hawking: TV show graphic and link

Stem Cell Universe Air DateTurns out the show on stem cells that I and some others in the stem cell field will be on with Stephen Hawking that is airing next Monday, February 3rd, on the Science Channel is called “Stem Cell Universe with Stephen Hawking” (scroll down in this linked page to near the bottom as of Jan. 29 to look for the show listed at 10pm on February 3). It is brought to being by many of the same folks who do WormHole with Morgan Freeman. I posted a few days ago more about the show and what it was like being filmed.

The producer just sent out the graphic above to me and others on the show including Bob Lanza of Advanced Cell Technology.

Many people are telling me that on Comcast around the country this show will be on Channel 272 at 10PM both ET and PT.

Check your local TV provider (Cable, Satellite, etc.) for the channel # of the Science Channel.

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