January 16, 2021

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As Predicted, Big News For California Stem Cell, Inc.: Purchased by NeoStem

Hans Keirstead, leader of California Stem Cell, Inc.
Hans Keirstead, leader of California Stem Cell, Inc.

Late last year I was hearing some exciting things about California Stem Cell, Inc. under the leadership of Hans Keirstead. (2020 update: interestingly 3 years ago Keirstead ran for congress, but the campaign didn’t quite make it.)

In fact, I thought a big move for California Stem was in the cards for 2014 and looking into my stem cell crystal ball, I went so far as to make that one of my top 10 stem cell predictions for 2014.

Today, that prediction came true with the purchase of California Stem by stem cell biotech, NeoStem.

The acquisition of California Stem by NeoStem is a sure sign that the company’s scientists are indeed on track for great things. StreetInsider reports:

“As a result of this acquisition, NeoStem plans to initiate a pivotal Phase 3 trial of Melapuldencel-T, an autologous melanoma initiating (stem) cell immune based therapy intended to eliminate the tumor cells capable of causing disease recurrence.”

There’s reason for some cautious optimism on Melapuldencel-T making it eventually to successfully treat actual cancer patients.

I also see this purchase as a good sign for NeoStem.

So far I’m batting a thousand on my 2014 predictions, but I don’t expect they will all come to fruition by year’s end. Still, off to a nice start and this move for California Stem is good news.

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