Poll shows moderate enthusiasm for ISSCR 2014 Vancouver Meeting

I’ve conduct two polls after the annual ISSCR 2014 meeting in Vancouver.

Both reflect a moderate level of enthusiasm.

ISSR 2014 poll

The results are above.

In the first poll, asking for a general level of enthusiasm about the meeting (let), the top answer was the middle of the road “so-so”, but this was followed by the two possible answers reflecting positive feelings about it.

In the second poll at right, I ask respondents how they felt about ISSCR 2014 versus ISSCR 2013. Again, the responses were kind of luke warm at best.

I myself felt positively overall about the meeting so I appear to be at least a bit more positive than the poll respondents.

That being said, it did feel that much of the data presented was already published, but at the same time I liked the fact that there seemed to be a greater diversity of speakers and new faces up there on podiums. Of course being held in Vancouver was a huge plus as it is a fantastic city. Interestingly, when I examined the poll results by geographic subgroups, the trends held the same amongst Canadians, Americans, Europeans, etc.

If you attended, what did you think?

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