A detailed STAP cell timeline from this blog & elsewhere

STAP cells
STAP stem ?
Jan 29Nature publishes STAP papers online
Jan 29Postpub review of papers on ipscell.com
Jan 30First STAP polling starts: respondents mostly positive
Feb 2Surprising interview w/Vacanti: STAP easy to make, same as spore cells
Feb 4First key Pubpeer comment on splicing in Figure 1i
Feb 6Top 5 reasons for doubts on STAP
Feb 7STAP crowdsourcing experiment starts
Feb 13First Pubpeer comment on STAP placenta issue
Feb 13JuuichiJigen first post on STAP problems
Feb 14RIKEN & Nature begin STAP investigations
Feb 27Wakayama interview
Mar 10Wakayama calls for STAP paper retraction
March 13JuuichiJigen post on Obokata Ph.D. thesis problems
March 14RIKEN alleges that Obokata committed misconduct
Mar 24Nature rejects Ken Lee’s STAP paper showing that STAP doesn’t work
Apr 1Vacanti Harvard STAP talk for this fateful day was cancelled
Apr 1RIKEN announces Obokata guilty of misconduct
Apr 9Obokata admits mistakes, but not misconduct
April 25Head of RIKEN STAP investigation committee, Shunsuke Ishi, resigns amid allegations of his own paper problems
May 8F1000 Publishes Lee Lab Paper showing STAP fails
May 27Call for Nature retraction of STAP papers
May 28Obokata OKs letter, but not article retraction
Jun 3Obokata agrees to retract STAP article too
June 12Committee calls for restructuring of Riken CDB
Jun 16Genetics data suggest STAP cells involved mix or switch
July 2STAP Nature papers retracted
Aug 5Yoshiki Sasai, commits suicide
Sept 3Vacanti & Kojima reaffirm absolute confidence in STAP but issue new STAP protocol
Dec 19Obokata and Niwa fail in STAP final replication effort
Dec 20Obokata resigns from RIKEN
Sept 23, 2015Nature publishes refutations of STAP
Jan 28, 2016Obokata book claims she was framed for STAP

Updated: August 6, 2014

What happened during the STAP cell paper mess and when? What were the main events?

Each event listed has a link to a key webpage either on this blog or elsewhere.

Please let me know if you think I should add any other key events, links, etc.


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  1. Riken CDB (Center for Developmental Biology) convened a committee to investigate the STAP fiasco. According to a news report in today’s Mainichi Shinbun newspaper (sorry, so far only available in Japanese) the CDB director, Dr. Takeichi, arbitrarily deleted certain portions of this committee’s report before it was made public. http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20140708-00000012-mai-sctch Will post a link to the English story if/when it comes out.

    Such actions are reminiscent of Watergate. In the end, Nixon was undone by the efforts at a coverup, which gradually unraveled. The same thing seems to be happening to Riken now. The damaging details are dripping out a little at a time.

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